Daily Devotion

7 Questions to Help You Recognize the Voice of the Shepherd

Does it reflect God’s character?

When God speaks, it reflects His heart toward you and other people. If there is a voice that contradicts God’s unconditional love, it is not from God.

When we have hateful, envious, deceptive, or shameful thoughts, this contradicts His leading.

The best way to know His character is through relationship. As we seek to spend more quiet time with Him, we can easily discern if the words we are hearing line up with who He is.

From Genesis to Revelation, we find a God who is just, loyal, loving, and attentive to His people. This is why studying the Word of God is so important. The more we learn His ways, the more we can readily know when He is speaking. He will not compromise His character or His goodness.

This devotion series is from a post by Victoria Riollano that originally appeared in an I Believe.com article.


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