Daily Devotion Weekend

Son of John Rowe, a cop­per min­er, James worked for the Ir­ish gov­ern­ment for four years, then em­i­grat­ed to Am­er­ica at age 24.

He set­tled in Al­bany, New York, and worked in rail­roads in New York for 10 years. He then be­came an in­spec­tor for the Hu­dson Ri­ver Hu­mane So­ci­e­ty.

He lat­er worked with mu­sic pub­lish­ers such as the Trio Mu­sic, Wa­co, Tex­as; An­tho­ny J. Sho­wal­ter Mu­sic, Chat­ta­noo­ga, Ten­nes­see; & James D. Vaugh­an Mu­sic, Law­renc­eburg, Ten­nes­see.

In his fi­nal years, Rowe moved to Ver­mont & worked with his daugh­ter, an ar­tist, writ­ing greet­ing card vers­es.

Howard E. Smith was a little man whose hands were so knotted with arthritis that you would wonder how he could use them at all, much less play the piano…I can see them now, my father striding up and down humming a bar or two and Howard E. playing it and jotting it down.