Breaking News: The House just voted to force you to pay for more abortions

I received the following email from Senator Tom McClusky. Please take a moment to contact your senator and make your voice heard. 

Did you see what just happened in the House of Representatives? It needs our urgent attention and immediate action. CONTACT YOUR SENATOR

This week, Democratic members of the House—following the orders of Speaker Pelosi and President Biden—have voted to exclude the popular, bipartisan Hyde Amendment from the annual Appropriations Bill. Tragically, this exclusion of Hyde allows federal taxpayer dollars to directly fund abortions. 

Enacted in 1976, the longstanding Hyde Amendment has served as the backbone for protecting taxpayers from paying for abortions. Complimented by several other pro-life protection laws like the Smith, Weldon, and Dornan Amendments, these laws also safeguard conscience protection rights for healthcare workers and all Americans. More than 60% of Americans support Hyde, which has saved more than 2.4 million lives! The Hyde Amendment has enjoyed decades of bipartisan support, including from then-Senator Joe Biden, and has been signed into law by Democrat and Republican Presidents alike.  

Today, however, Hyde and all other pro-life protection laws have been stripped from the Appropriations Bill. 

Friend, losing the Hyde Amendment and other pro-life protection laws would mean billions more of our taxpayer dollars flooding the abortion industry to pay directly for abortions. As pro-life Americans, we must not be forced to violate our consciences in this way.  

Contact your senator now! 

Thank you for using your voice to defend life.

For life, 

Tom McClusky
President, March for Life Action