“My righteousness is near, My salvation has gone forth, And My arms will judge the peoples; The coastlands will wait for Me, And for My arm they will wait expectantly”. (Isaiah 51:5)

near . . . gone out. The Servant’s power to restore his people and bring justice, righteousness, and salvation to the world was at work, but God’s perspective differs from man’s reckoning of time. Though near by God’s reckoning in timeless eternity, the fruition of his deliverance was still many centuries from Isaiah’s day. The nations who survive judgment will trust in him and enter his kingdom. (John MacArthur)

  • There is no salvation without righteousness; and, wherever there is the righteousness of God, there shall be his salvation. All those, and those only, that are justified and sanctified shall be glorified.
  • My righteousness is near. It is near in time; behold, all things are now ready. It is near in place, not far to seek, but the word is nigh us, and Christ in the word, righteousness in the word.
  • My salvation has gone forth. The decree has gone forth concerning it; it shall as certainly be introduced as if it had gone forth already, and the time for it is at hand. (Matthew Henry)