Prayer Requests


Calling Heart2Heart prayer warriors.


I just received a message from my daughter that my mom is in the hospital, she may have broken her hip. So now I have both parents in a hospital (different ones) in Pa. My husband and I will be leaving early to get up there and get things under control. I feel so overwhelmed, would you please put me/them on the prayer list? We have so many things going on right now and I really need to feel the Lord’s care. Thank you so much! I will keep you updated. I’m going to take my ‘promises’ book along and just read one of those each day reminding myself of His promises. Thanks again! Kay


Surgery went well. Sarah was released today and stopped by to check on Hunter. He is doing well, the kidney is working; so far so good. Please continue to keep in your prayers.

Requests from Kay Osisek:

  • For my Dad (Don) – Broken leg and torn rotator cuffl. Asking for prayer  for healing, strength and direction as he makes decisions as to where he and Mom will live in their final years. They are both 82 and not in good health, living in their own home and struggling.
  • My mother-in-law, Sally, who lives with us – she has ALZ and a severe heart condition. Please pray for us as a family with direction and care for her going forward.
  • Myself – prayers for wisdom and strength to deal with so many family situations all at once and also for my own health including a torn meniscus that needs to be addressed.

  • Remember Kathy Dempsey’s niece Sarah and 4 yeR old Hunter. They will be going through kidney transplant surgery tomorrow.

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