Bible Study

A Four Week Study Beginning May 5th


Wednesday Evenings @ 7:00PM

“How did a cursed Moabite get into the line of Messiah? Answer: Because God provided for her a redeemer. Boaz is a picture of our kinsman redeemer.” John MacArthur

Our God showed through Old Testament examples some amazing ways of saving not merely Gentiles, but the worst of the Gentiles, as an incredible picture of what would later come at the cross of Christ. He didn’t bring in any of the great and mighty Gentiles, names we still know like Aristotle, Ptolemy, Socrates or Plato. He brought in a Ruth (a cursed Moabite), a Rahab (a prostitute), and Naaman the Syrian (a leper) to prove his point that He is able and willing to save anybody, even the worst of the Gentiles.