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Key Keeper Conference 2020 – It was Amazing!


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and needed this conference. Friday night’s message is exactly what I needed to hear with some things I’m dealing with at church and at work. This was just another confirmation that the Lord is at work in these situations. What a blessing it was to me!! Your team did an amazing job coordinating everything. It truly was beautiful! Hope all of you are enjoying some well deserved down time -Mary Flynn

Enjoyed it so much -Jane Bocock McGill

Amazing conference! -Elizabeth Canipe Rayfield


Just wanted to say a thank you for inviting me to the conference. I loved it!! I saw how much time, prayer, energy, sweat (and most likely, tears) went into this thing and, from where I sat, it was a complete success. I learned a lot and, more importantly, met other woman of faith who are just like me. We need each other. What a most perfect arena to do both of those things. Thanks again. A perfect day. I was blessed beyond measure. Sign me up for next year. God bless you…..now go get some much deserved rest. Love you so! -Carol Byars

Thank you for the planning, prayer and preparation of the conference! Time well spent and my heart is fully equipped to become more like that Proverbs 31 woman. -Shelly Henderson

I loved it! Thanks to all who took the time to plan this conference! Look forward to the next one! -Sissy Murphy Haynes

It was such a wonderfully joy filled event – many thanks to the whole group who put this together – blessings and thank you! – Susan Waters

This was a wonderful time of fellowship and ministry! Thank you for the privilege of being part of this, and for all your hard work in organizing the event! -Kelly Wallace

Thanks to each of you for your obedience to God’s call to provide a refreshing reminder for us. And I hope this is only just the beginning! -Jackie Shrum


It was such a wonderful experience!! I am so thankful for being there. -Etta Shanholtz



Looking forward to the next one too! Learned so much, met new friends, received so many blessings. Still taking it all in. Thank you to all the presenters. I got so much out of all my sessions. -Kay McMichael Baucom

Went to the Key Keepers Conference this weekend. What a special time for all! So well done! Thanks to all who planned, prayed and used their God given gifts to His glory. Don’t understand why more Calvary folks didn’t come! It was truly an anointed time. Well, maybe next time. We had over 140 ladies! G, forgot to mention my Granddaughter Corey was the closing speaker! She did great!!!! -Louise Thomas

This was truly a blessed weekend. How do I know? A double rainbow appeared as registration began. That to me was God blessing the conference & each lady there. The opening by Cyndee Ownbey was touching & inspiring. The breakout sessions were very informative and fun. Then the last day, our closing speaker Corey-Beth Travaglini was hilarious as well as inspiring. Just a wonderful, God blessed time. Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you to everyone that had a part in it from the kitchen to the clean up crew. -Barbara Lawing

Louise Thomas – Went to the Key Keepers Conference this weekend….

It was truly such an anointed time. I immediately teared up upon entering Friday night. You could just sense His presence immediately. The rainbow was a big giant hug from the Father to all of His daughters. Every detail was PERFECT and touched each of us. Thank you all for also the kind words! It was such a fun and fulfilling weekend. God is so good to us!!! -Corey Beth Travaglini

Corey was a fantastic speaker, and the conference was beyond what we could ask or think. It is pure joy seeing God work in the lives of women. -Charissa McSwain

Things I took away from the conference this weekend……a peaceful heart, it was nice to just slow life down and spend time with a room full of ladies that love Jesus! Joy, meeting precious sisters in Christ and making some Awesome new friends filled my heart with joy. Worship, the music set the mood for praise and worship to our King. Knowledge, the session leaders were outstanding!! All three of my sessions felt like I was sitting in church and the preacher was speaking only to me 😃. From the rainbow to the food and snacks to the fellowship and sessions, God was there and He was glorified!! Thank you Heart2Heart, I had an awesome time! -Susan Hullette

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  1. What an honor and a blessing it was to give the keynote on Friday night! The team’s preparations and prayers were evident. It was an excellent event! Praying each woman who attended treasures the message the Lord had for them.

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