Daily Devotion

7 Questions to Help You Recognize the Voice of the Shepherd

  • Victoria Riollano
  • It’s been said that God’s voice, your own voice, and the enemy’s voice sound very similar in our heads. However, when we look throughout the Bible, we see the Lord asking His people to listen to His voice.

    It’s fair to assume that the Lord wouldn’t ask us to listen if it was impossible to hear. Indeed, the Lord speaks often; we must have the “ears to hear.” In other words, our level of attentiveness and choice to spend time with Him will put us in the best position to hear His voice clearly.

    When we follow any other voice, we are certain to set ourselves up for defeat and become prisoners to our own thoughts and the schemes of the enemy.

    The Lord calls himself the Shepherd throughout the Scriptures. This metaphor is intentional, as a shepherd is serious about his job. With great care, he watches over His flock, ensuring that all are well taken care of, accounted for, and protected from things that would bring them harm.

    Though the shepherd cares for many, he is intentional about each one. His job is to never lead them astray, and their response is to simply listen and follow. When we know that God has our best interests at heart, we can trust His leading and follow His voice wholeheartedly.

    With this in mind, over the next several days we will bring you seven questions that you can ask yourself to determine if God is speaking to you.

    Reprint from “I Believe Daily” post by Victoria Riollano