“And a man shall be as a hiding-place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest…as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.” — (Isaiah 32:2)

WE ARE reminded that this prophecy was uttered in a time of great unrest. The clouds of war were gathering dark on the horizon, and Israel was looking for help from the arm of flesh. In this emergency the voice of the prophet was heard, saying: “Look not to Egypt, but to God” (Isa 31:1). The kingdom depends on the king: “Behold a king shall reign in righteousness, and princes rule in judgment.” When all politics and commerce, social and domestic life are under the sway and guidance of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God will come, and the Will of God shall be done on earth, as in heaven.

The Lord Jesus is many-sided enough to meet all the varied needs of His people. Some need a covert from the tempest, others rivers of water to quench their thirst, others the shadow of a great rock in a weary land. But He is all and equal to all. When a man or woman owns the sway of Christ, eyes and ears are cleansed, there is no longer the hesitation of stammering confession, the judgment becomes rectified and the heart opened to a new generosity. First righteousness, then peace—such is heaven’s eternal order.

Excerpt from “Our Daily Walk” – F.B. Meyer