The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

I AM SUPERMOM!! Everyday………… my house gets cleaned from top to bottom, I run all my errands (and never forget anything on my list), arrive at least 10 minutes early for all my appointments, play with my kids every time they ask, visit with friends, volunteer at school, workout at the gym, get the kids to and from all their practices and games, put a healthy and delicious meal on the table each night, support my husband, and spend at least an hour in quiet time with God, all while looking like I just came from a cover shoot. And this all happens… …….in my head before I get out of bed.

There are two things I do before I get out of bed each morning. First, I thank God for another day and offer it to Him. I ask Him to help me be a light for Him in a dark world and for Him to guide my decisions and actions for that day. Secondly, I begin to list out in my head all the things I need to accomplish, the places I need to be, and the people I need to talk to for the day. This can be a great way to start the day. So why are there so many nights I go to bed feeling like I have failed God, my family and myself?

A few mornings ago as I was in the middle of my conversation with God and was about to lay out MY plans for the day, God abruptly stopped me. I clearly heard the words of Jeremiah 29:11. In context, these words are not promising us that life is a bed of roses, but rather, even though we have hard days filled with commitments and struggles, if we follow God and the plans He has for us He will guide us to the future He has laid out for us.

When you give your day to God are you giving Him your plans, or are you giving Him your self? Are you letting Him guide you in where He wants you to go? He has shown me that giving my day to Him is more than just a quick prayer in the morning. It is a conscious effort all day long. I am working hard at giving each moment to God, trying to continually ask Him, “what’s next?’ as I go through my day.

I am sure there will still be days when I go to bed with a dirty bathroom, and dinner was from a drive-thru while we are rushing not to be late for a game. But I know that when God is my constant guide, I can look back as I lay down at night and see all the things we have accomplished together instead of all the things I failed to do on my own.