Daily Devotion

7 Questions to Help You Recognize the Voice of the Shepherd

Does it challenge you to do better?

The Lord has no issue with speaking a word of correction. We see this throughout the Old Testament with the Israelites and in the New Testament with the disciples. In countless instances, the Lord encourages His people to trust Him and do what He has asked.

Often, when the Lord brings correction in my life, it is a confirmation of what I already know. The interesting thing is that God will often use a person to bring the challenge. We must be willing to have “ears to hear” when God wants to speak, even if we don’t prefer the messenger God uses.

The enemy will usually not send a voice of encouragement to do the “right thing.” God, however, desires for us to live a life that is righteous. He will challenge us to make every effort to be holy. Though He recognizes we are merely humans and struggle with sin, He will speak to us when we miss the mark. Our goal is to avoid becoming so stubbornly rooted in our sin that we are closed to change.

This devotion series is from a post by Victoria Riollano that originally appeared in an I Believe.com article.